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Endeavor Screen Printing Equipment Package

Endeavor Screen Printing Equipment Package

Endeavor Screen Printing Equipment Package


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The Endeavor package is the all-in-one solution for anyone that is serious about succeeding in the screen printing industry. Endeavor gives you large shop capability with a small shop price. Print up to four colors easily with the Workhorse Odyssey stand alone press. Flash and/or cure your prints with the Odyssey Super Seca flash and Compact dryer. And burn screens quickly and cleanly with the Workhorse Odyssey Luminatron exposure unit.Wash the screens out with the Wash-It Washout Booth, also included.

Worried about learning to print? Don’t be, because endeavor includes admission to our “Introduction to Garment Screen Printing” seminar (a $199 value) in sunny southern, CA. We have made this package so comprehensive that there is really only one question that you have to ask yourself: Am I ready to succeed? If the answer is yes then Endeavor is the package for you.

Package Contents

  • Odyssey 4/4 Floor Model Printing Press
  • Odyssey Luminatron Exposure Unit - 23" x 31" Capacity
  • Odyssey Super Seca Flash Unit - 16" x 16"
  • Odyssey Compact Conveyor Dryer - 20" x 5'5"
  • Wash-It Washout Sink - 36" Wide

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