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Covid-19 Resources

Dynamic Team Member   |   4/3/2020
Dynamic is committed to being here for you the best way we can during the Coronavirus Pandemic. We’ve gathered some resources we feel will be helpful to you during this crisis. Check back with us regularly as we post new content.

New Easiway Safety Data Sheets Available

Dynamic Team Member   |   6/4/2015

As usual, our friends at Easiway are leading the way in regulatory and environmental protection by updating their Safety Data Sheets per the new mandatory governmental regulations.

3 HUGE Reasons You Should Switch To Wipe-On Pallet Adhesive

Dynamic Team Member   |   5/7/2015

You would be remiss if you didn't try out wipe-on pallet adhesive. This stuff is not only great during production but afterwards, too (referring to clean-up).

Check out this post for some useful info on wipe-on pallet adhesives

Do you know your cost per screen?

Easiway Systems   |   4/10/2015

Every wonder how much your reclaiming process costs? Not much, right? Well, you might be surprised to here that just a couple sprays can be more costly than you realize. Our friends over at Easiway Systems have written an amazing article about the costs your facing in your reclaim area. It's an eye-opener. Want to know more about how Easiway want to save you money? Then, keep reading. (:

Exposure Lamp Comparison

Murakami   |   3/27/2015
Learn more about Exposure Lamp light sources and what it really means to exposure your emulsion. This is a "MUST READ".

Capillary Film

Dynamic Team Member   |   3/18/2015

Ulano EZ Film allows you to go from 0 to press in a fraction of the time needed with liquid emulsion. This easy to use and cost effective product promises to revolutionize your darkroom.

Bigger, Faster, Stronger

Dynamic Team Member   |   1/15/2015
Dynamic and Icon are coming together to create a bigger and stronger screen printing supply company that you can count on.

The Importance of Tradeshows

Cobb   |   12/24/2014
The Importance of Tradeshows

Trade shows give us the opportunity to unplug and surround ourselves with peers in an environment that not only allows us to learn but actually encourages it.

All About Emulsion

Icon Team Member   |   9/4/2014
All About Emulsion

Like most screen printers you may have found that you are always in search of the perfect liquid emulsion. There are so many different brands, colors and exposure speeds to choose from that most printers just stick with what they know rather than what is best for their shop.

Job Preparation and Printing

Icon Team Member   |   7/17/2014

Nothing will frustrate and cost a printer during production quite like lack of preparation. Print production is an art that requires a rhythm and flow so that the printer can be both efficient and accurate. Production is where profit is made or lost and most often it is preparation that dictates which a printer will experience.