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16" Iconomax Scoop Coater
Iconomax Scoop Coater

16" Iconomax Scoop Coater

16" Iconomax Scoop Coater

Item Number: ICO5-SC-16"

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16" Iconomax Scoop Coater

16" Iconomax Scoop Coater

A must-have tool for coating all direct liquid emulsions. Applies a smooth even coat of emulsion. Designed for easy grip, application, and cleanup.

Made of durable aluminum with plastic end cap guides. Comes standard with a plastic protective sleeve to avoid banging up the application edges.

Dual edge (both thick and thin) design permits coating emulsion thicker or thinner on the screen. Thinner coats are usually desirable on higher mesh count (200 and above) for half-tones and finer detail like 4-color process where thicker coats are usually used for spot color on lower mesh counts (below 200).

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