Bulk Savings

Wipe-on adhesives are well known to help save money around the shop. But how is this accomplished? Adhesive is adhesive, right? Nope! With only one application, many wipe-on adhesives can hold up to 3-6 dozen shirts and there’s virtually no waste like there is with the overspray from aerosol cans. Wipe-on adhesives can regularly withstand repeated flashing and even remain tacky at temperatures around 700°F so you won’t have to keep applying more adhesive over and over again.

Water-Based & Solvent (VOC) Free

Are you one of those people that enjoy breathing in VOCs and airborne adhesive? Neither are we! It’s not arguable that wipe-on adhesive holds this advantage WAY above aerosol adhesive. With just a bead of adhesive and a plastic card you can have a tacky platen. You won’t have a cloud of fine adhesive particles and other harmful ingredients coating your lungs. So can you say that wipe-on adhesive is healthy? Well, as some friends from Minnesota might say, “You Bet’cha!” AND, being that wipe-ons are water-based, you will understand that they don’t contain any solvents (which by nature, are designed to dissolve certain substances and are not good to breath or ingest). You do understand this, right? Good!

No Mess

This is the best part! No, really! Imagine saving a ton of money. So far so good. Now imagine saving extra labor and time. More money savings, right? Well, the reason is because you won’t have that overspray I spoke about earlier. You won’t have to clean your press over and over, because you won’t have that adhesive gunk that starts to cake up. Another point for Wipe-on adhesives. Wipe-on adhesive isn’t Elmer’s Glue (you know, the kind you use for your paper mâché projects? Don’t worry, your secret is safe with me) so that means it will dry in seconds so you don’t have to worry about accidentally rubbing the adhesive off of the board. It dries fast because of its high solids content and its acrylic polymer qualities, for you science speakers out there.

You would be remiss if you didn't try out wipe-on pallet adhesive. This stuff is not only great during production but afterwards, too (referring to clean-up). What happens if you don't like it? Well go back to the convenience of the aerosol cans, but just remember the pros VS cons when using them. Conveniences don't always outweigh your health and time.

Check out this Wipe-On Pallet Adhesive I speak of.

Thanks for reading!

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