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700 SERIES 726 GOLD - QT
700 SERIES 726 GOLD - QT

700 SERIES 726 GOLD - QT

700 SERIES 726 GOLD - QT

Item Number: INT-0726-Q

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700 SERIES 726 GOLD - QT


  • 700 Series Direct Print Plastisol Inks are engineered with a selection of HP (High Pigment) colors for dark fabrics, standard colors for light fabrics, and a soft-hand clear (720) that can be mixed with ink to help soften the feel or hand of the print. Well suited for automated equipment although excellent results can be achieved in almost any printing operation.

Soft-hand Prints

  • For softer feeling prints on light colored fabrics, use 20% to 25% by volume of 720 Softhand Clear Base. Reducing the viscosity of the ink using 1110 Curable Reducer and printing through finer mesh counts can also greatly improve the softness (hand) of the finished print.

Important Information

  • Use an under base print when printing 700 Series inks onto dark fabrics or fabrics containing polyester. Use 711, 7014, 7031 or 7041 white as an under base ink. To achieve a softer hand and faster production speeds, print under base ink through finer mesh counts (230 to 305 t/in or 90 to 120 t/cm mesh). Adding too much reducer or other additives to the 700 Series inks may cause problems with curing/fusing or increased dye migration. Test dryer temperatures and wash test printed product before and during a production run.

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