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760 Tension Meter
760 Tension Meter

760 Tension Meter

760 Tension Meter

Item Number: MUR-SDVSMT760

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760 Tension Meter

A Murakami Tension Meter is essential equipment if you stretch or retension your screens. This highly accurate tension meter is capable of recording tensions up to 60 newtons. Optimum tension levels are the key obtaining the maximum performance of the mesh:

  • Improved print quality
  • Consistent registration print after print.
  • Longer screen life by avoiding over tensioned screens.

Tension Guide for Murakami Meshes Optimum Tensions: The optimum mesh tension is mesh specific. Each mesh count and it s specific thread type has an optimum tension level. Optimum tensions can also be viewed as workable tensions . Mesh stretched to the upper limits shown in the mesh chart require very careful handling. The highest tension level for a given mesh count is the tension level that the mesh will begin to stall at, applying more stretch forces may not achieve more tension. Stretching higher than the recommended tension level creates an unstable screen that is subject to accidental breakage. Typical apparel shops do not handle screens well as they get banged around during cleaning and reclaiming. A workable tension for apparel shops should take into account how fine mesh screens are handled and lower tensions to the middle of the recommended tension levels or lower to preserve the screens.

The nine location points of tension measurement for accurate understanding of screen tensions

Measuring Tension: The graphic to the left shows the nine points to measure mesh tension. The tension meter should be placed on a dot area square to the frame. Check tension in both directions of the frame by turning the tension meter 90 degrees on each dot. Registration and print quality are optimum when all 9 dots have a similar tension level within 1-2 newtons.

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