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Aluminum Frames - 20x24 - 110W
Aluminum Frames

Aluminum Frames - 20x24 - 110W

Aluminum Frames - 20x24 - 110W

Item Number: DM1-AF-2024-110

In Stock
Aluminum Frames - 20X24 - 110W

Our Iconomax Aluminum Screen Frames are made of high-quality, light-weight aluminum with leakproof weld and screens are stretched with high-quality mesh. Each frame is stretched using the industry's leading two-part adhesive. Mesh counts range from 60 to 305 pre-stretched and ready to 20-22 Newtons. Iconomax Screens are in stock and ready to ship.

Need another mesh count?

Other mesh counts are special order. Call 1-800-967-4070 to let us know what you need.

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