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Anatol Screen Printing Screen Stretcher
Anatol Screen Printing Screen Stretcher

Anatol Screen Printing Screen Stretcher

Anatol Screen Printing Screen Stretcher


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Price Starting at $3,500.00

Printing through mesh with uniform tension improves registration and print quality, and extends the life of both screens and squeegees. Easy to operate, Anatol's Pneumatic Screen Printing Screen Stretcher delivers uniform high-tension screen stretching with almost any frame/mesh configuration. The Screen Stretcher is designed to compensate for any variations in mesh elasticity. PVC-coated stretch clamps grip the mesh without tearing to minimize waste fabric, while warp and weft are independently controlled, providing even tension down to the desired Newton. The Screen Stretcher System can be expanded to fit even large screens. Let us know what you need when you call, and we'll put together the best system for you.

  • Turn knobs to set pressure for warp and weft separately
  • Stretch mesh straight off the bolt
  • Pneumatic stretcher
  • Durable steel construction
  • 23" x 33" standard
  • expansions available upon request
  • PVC clamps, 6" - 12" available
  • 6", 8", 10" and 12" Pneumatic Stretching Clamps
  • Pneumatic Control Unit

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