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Ditto Film Feeder
Ditto Film Feeder

Ditto Film Feeder

Ditto Film Feeder

Item Number: FRE-DT

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The Problem
Slow film output occurs on desktop inkjets because of an ongoing need to attend to each film and each separation one at a time, job after job, because you can't load multiple sheets of film into the standard paper tray. Films will stick together - big problem, high cost.

The Solution
The Ditto Inkjet Film Feeder allows a non-roll feed printer to be high-production film output device. Users enjoy unattended printing on popular Epson Inkjet desktop models. When you do not have a roll feed printer (many do not because of their cost) you can still enjoy unattended film output.

Without the Ditto on your desktop printer you are spending an untold amount of time and big money just to output film due to the need to put a staff member on the job of loading and printing, one color/sep at a time. If they walk away, you’re not producing film. You and your staff have too much to do to literally stand around an inkjet.

The problem exists because films stick together and can not pass through the printer. The Resolve: the Ditto attaches to the printer where film is fed and provides individual slots to load up to 8 sheets of film. By properly dividing the sheets the problem of the films sticking together is resolved.

Questions and Answers

Q: will this work with an Epson 1430 ?
Asked by:  - 8/9/2017
No Answers have been submitted yet.
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