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E-30P Easiflo Recirculating System
E-30P Easiflo Recirculating System

E-30P Easiflo Recirculating System

E-30P Easiflo Recirculating System

Item Number: EAS-E-30P

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E 30P Easiflo Recirculating System

The EasiFlo Recirculating System is a unique, affordable solvent recirculating system that will dramatically reduce the amount of chemical used in removing ink from screens. The EasiFlo System triple filters (screen filter, sludge baffle, 4 ten micron cartridge filters) the screen cleaning solvent as you wash screens, which provides maximum solvent life. 

Please note, this is a two-part system made up of the EasiFlo E-30P (motor) and the EasiFlo E-46P (washout booth).

EasiFlo users report up to 200 screens cleaned per gallon of Easiway Systems approved screen cleaning product! This is a cost of between .07 and .10 cents per screen!

Both the motor and washout booth are manufactured in Minneapolis, MN USA. They are made of white, corrosion proof, longs lasting polypropylene. This system is ideal for both saved and reclaimed screens.


  • Unique screen filter with sludge removal tray
  • Solvent resistant hoses
  • Explosion proof motor and junction box
  • Integral 10 micron multifilter

Simply scrape excess ink from the printed screen and then place the screen in the EasiFlo Booth (E-46P). Turn on the pump (E-30P) and wash the resdual ink from the screens with an Easiway Systems on-press cleaner or screen wash.

Crating: $100.00

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Crating: $100.00

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