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ER600C Emulsion Remover - Gallon
ER600C Emulsion Remover

ER600C Emulsion Remover - Gallon

ER600C Emulsion Remover - Gallon

Item Number: IMA-ER-600C-G

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Er600C Emulsion Remover - Gallon

ER600C Emulsion Remover - Gallon

ER-600C is a biodegradable and odorless, low foaming, sprayable liquid emulsion remover for all types of stencil systems. This product may be used straight for maximum effect or diluted 1 part product up to 4 parts water for better economy. When this product is used emulsion and diazo staining are greatly reduced!

  • Use a Ink Card Scrapper to remover ink from screen then clean of excess ink with ink wash.
  • Use straight or dilute 1 part of ER-600C with up to 4 parts water for more economy.
  • Apply ER-600C to both sides of wet screen using a Spray Bottle and scrub with a Soft Bristle Brush.
  • Using a Washout Hose on the low-pressure shower setting, rinse the mesh. If you are using capillary films this product will produce a sheeting action.

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