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Easisolv C35 Screen Wash - 1 Gallon
Easisolv C35 Screen Wash

Easisolv C35 Screen Wash - 1 Gallon

Easisolv C35 Screen Wash - 1 Gallon

Item Number: EAS-C35LF-G

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Easisolv C35 Screen Wash - 1 Gallon

EasiSolv™ C35 Screen Wash & Stain Remover is a low VOC (100 grams/liter VOC or less), highly active liquid product to be used for ink removal or as final reclaiming step; stain removal/degreaser. When used on stains, this product is non caustic, will not damage mesh and is extremely cost effective.


  • EasiSolv C35 has a VOC of less than 100 grams/liter, making it compliant in California where VOC limits are the most strict.
  • EasiSolv C35 dissolves all inks and ink stains quickly, allowing mesh to be rinsed clean with water.
  • EasiSolv C35 is a low odor product, providing a more pleasant environment for employees.
  • EasiSolv C35 contains no hazardous substances (no TLV’s, no PEL’s) which provides a better workplace environment.
  • EasiSolv C35 is non-flammable (flash point of >200 °F) which makes it safer for handling, storage and rag disposal than conventional screen washes.
  • EasiSolv C35 contains low-foam, biodegradable detergents which contribute to superior ink and stain removal, while providing complete rinseability with water.
  • EasiSolv C35 may be applied manually, recirculated through the EasiFlo™ System or recirculated in enclosed,
  • automatic screen washing systems, providing superior product life and economy.
  • EasiSolv C35 may be applied to a wet screen for use as a stain remover, without causing damage to the mesh.

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