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Easiway Screen Perfect Degreaser RFU - Gallon
Easiway Screen Perfect Degreaser Concentrate

Easiway Screen Perfect Degreaser RFU - Gallon

Easiway Screen Perfect Degreaser RFU - Gallon

Item Number: EAS-SP-G-R.F.U.

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Screen Perfect Degreaser Rfu - Gallon

Easiway Screen Perfect Deagreaser RFU (Ready For Use) - Gallon

EasiSolv™ Screen Perfect Emulsion/Stencil Enhancer is a ready to use liquid which provides a revolutionary, radical approach to preparing mesh for emulsion coating and film application.

Many of the typical issues encountered in screen production will be completely eliminated by this unusual combination of water-based polymeric components. Fisheyes and pinholes are removed. On screens covered with emulsion, thick and thin spots will vanish. Screens appear and feel more fluid. Print lifespan is increased. Screens are simple to clean. Mesh easily reclaims. All of these advantages will be offered by EasiSolv Screen Perfect, which also does away with the requirement for a wetting agent, mesh prep, and screen degreaser. There are no VOCs in this item.This product has no VOCs.

  • Clean and reclaim screen with EasiWay Systems, Inc. approved screen cleaning and reclaiming products.
  • Apply EasiSolv Screen Perfect to the entire mesh surface on ink side by brush, wipe, scrub pad or spray. Let the product dwell on the mesh for a minute.
  • Rinse screen beginning at the top, with a low pressure, flood rinse, until the entire product is gone
  • Rinse again, making sure there is no residue on the mesh or frame.
  • Dry the screen and apply emulsion or film as soon as possible.
  • *If uncoated screen is exposed to contaminants, tack or brush off before applying stencil.

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