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Foil Release - Quart
Foil Release - Quart

Foil Release - Quart

Foil Release - Quart

Item Number: RUT-M00047-Q

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M00047 Foil Release Additive is designed to provide foil release characteristics to Rutland's plastisol ink allowing the printer to make multi-color designs with foil adhering to desired areas. By mixing M00047 into all layers of ink, the design can be applied to dark shirts and still provide foil release capability.


  • Provides excellent foil release properties to Rutland’s plastisol inks that have been properly cured.
  • Can be used in various concentrations to maintain the integrity of the ink film
  • Can provide foil release characteristics when printing both light and dark colored garments.

Technical Data SheetMSDS Sheet

Typical Use: It is recommended that user evaluate M00047 for fit for use in each application. Special attention should be given to crock and wash testing prior to use.

Mixing Procedure:

Mix release agent into Rutland’s Plastisol Inks at 1-10% (max), using a mechanical stirring device, such as a Turnabout™ type mixer or other low shear mechanical mixing devices. (hand stirring is not recommended)

Printing Procedure:

  • Add M00047 to all Rutland Plastisol Inks where foil is not desired per the design
  • Print foil release colors through normal printing technique (print-flash-print, etc.)
  • Print Rutland’s Foil Adhesive (NG0274) also known as X-Glue to all areas where foil is desired per the design
  • Cure finished print at a minimum of 320°F (160°C) for a minimum of 75 seconds (results vary).
  • Test for fit for desired use.
  • Do not dry clean, bleach, or iron printed image.

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