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Franmar Bean-E-Doo Ink Remover - Gallon
Franmar Bean-E-Doo Ink Remover - Gallon

Franmar Bean-E-Doo Ink Remover - Gallon

Franmar Bean-E-Doo Ink Remover - Gallon

Item Number: FRA-BE1GWD-G

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Bean-E-Doo Screen Wash Ink Remover - Gallon

Made from 100% American grown soybeans, BEAN-e-doo cleans screens quicker, easier, and without the hassle other harsh, even bio-solvent, cleaners require. The first thing that users of BEAN-e-doo notice is there are NO offensive odors like traditional solvents. Next, they notice instantly how quick the ink dissolves while scrubbing the screen. Imagine, ONE product giving screen cleaners everything they need in a textile ink-cleaner; cleaning power, no harsh odors, and effectiveness. All at pennies per screen.

Imagine no more, BEAN-e-doo is here! Only a quarter of an ounce is needed to clean a standard size screen. That's roughly six to seven sprays at less than 6 cents per screen. Try it today and find out for yourself how to make the tough job of cleaning screens simple and safe. Cleans screens with no Offensive Odor



  1. Remove all tape residue from frame edge.
  2. Pour or spray a small amount on the screen (do not dilute).
  3. Work in with scrub brush or our Scrub Pad.
  4. Wipe with damp shop towel or rinse clean with water.

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