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Franmar Color Change - Gallon
Franmar Color Change

Franmar Color Change - Gallon

Franmar Color Change - Gallon

Item Number: FRA-CC1GWD-G

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Color Change - Gallon

Franmar Color Change - Gallon

To meet the need for changing colors or opening clogged mesh areas during a run, Franmar formulated this revolutionary product that cleans as efficiently as chemicals such as Methylene Chloride without the negative safety and environmental impacts of such chemicals. Very economical. A quart will do almost 35 standard textile screens. Color Change's super solvency and low odor allows for effective cleaning without the traditional solvent odors and VOC concerns

  1. Remove excess ink from screen.
  2. Pour or spray a small amount of Color Change™ on both sides
    of the screen.
  3. Work in with our Scrub Pad or a nylon brush.
  4. Wipe both sides of screen with a damp shop towel. If cleaning
    the screen in a washout booth, spray clean with water.
  5. Use shop towel to wipe dry. Screen is now ready to re-tape
    and re-ink. If tape does not stick, wipe again with DAMP shop
    towel and allow to dry thoroughly.

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