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Franmar D-Grease - Gallon
Franmar D-Grease

Franmar D-Grease - Gallon

Franmar D-Grease - Gallon

Item Number: FRA-DG1GWD-G

In Stock
D-Grease - Gallon

Franmar D-Grease - Gallon

D-Grease delivers unparalleled cleaning power while eliminating dangerous side effects from toxins found in other major degreasers. It is a super-fast drying surface cleaner that is ideal for removing any residue of cleaning solvents left on your screen. Helps to eliminate pin-holing. Screens can be re-taped immediately.

  1. Pour or spray a generous amount on screen.
  2. Work into both sides of the screen with a scrub brush or
    Scrub Pad.
  3. Be sure to scrub near frame edge and on frame to remove any
    contaminates which may still be on the frame.
  4. Rinse screen thoroughly with water on both sides.

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