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Franmar D-Haze Remover Plus - Quart
Franmar D-Haze Remover Plus

Franmar D-Haze Remover Plus - Quart

Franmar D-Haze Remover Plus - Quart

Item Number: FRA-DHQTWD-Q

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D-Haze Remover Plus - Quart

Franmar D-Haze Remover Plus - Quart

Developed by Franmar to provide safe and an environmentally acceptable alternative to old-style ozone depleting solvents, d-Haze completely eliminates the ink haze and ghost images. A non-caustic, non-toxic product that will not damage the mesh even after years of use. Properly used, it will deliver faster, better, and cheaper cleaning than any equivalent product on the market today.

  1. On a dry or slightly damp screen, spray d-Haze® on the
    ghost/haze image to be cleaned.
  2. Work in on both sides of the screen with a nylon brush or
    Red Scrub Pad. For tough to clean haze images, let sit for up to 2 minutes before cleaning.
  3. Spray clean

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