Not all inkjet inks are created equal. The ink that you use in your film output printer is one of the most important products you will purchase as a screen printer. While many inks claim to do the job the truth is that it is that most of them fall short by a large margin.

The best way to be sure that you’re using quality ink is to test it with a densitometer. What’s that, you don’t have a densitometer, well don’t worry because neither do most printers. However, the company that produces your ink should have one and they should be able to tell you what the density reading is for the ink they sell. If they don’t, it is probably a safe bet that your not buying quality inks.

Keep in mind that opacity is not as important as you might think. The best inks will actually be slightly transparent but will contain UV blockers that ensure that UV rays aren’t going to make their way to your emulsion. As with any product you buy, the best way to ensure that your getting the best product for your money is to know what questions to ask the people that make and sell that product.

And now you do!

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