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Matsui Bright Discharge White - Gallon

Matsui Bright Discharge White - Gallon

Matsui Bright Discharge White - Gallon

Item Number: MAT-WW0202-1G



A waterproof direct emulsion or capillary film should be used for optimal performance.

60-80 Durometer square edge

Mix 10% or less pigment with 100% discharge binder making sure to mix pigment into binder before mixing in the Discharge Agent. Discharge Agent should be mixed 10% into 100% discharge binder (by weight). Fixer N can be added to improve wash fastness.

Matsui Water-Based Discharge System ink must be heat cured for 2.5 – 3 minutes at 300 to 320 degrees F.

It is highly recommended to wash and dry garments or fabrics before packaging and shipping.

Clean Up
Use water and mild soap to wipe screens, screen frames and squeegees and any surfaces in contact with ink.

** It is the responsibility of the printer to test and determine the suitability of all products before a production run.

SDS Sheet

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