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Matte Base EH 0542 - Gallon
Matte Base EH 0542 - Gallon

Matte Base EH 0542 - Gallon

Matte Base EH 0542 - Gallon

Item Number: RUT-EH0542-01

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Matte Base Eh 0542 Gallon

EH0542 NPT High Opacity Matte Base is formulated as a press-ready non-phthalate plastisol base for mixing colors using C3 Color Boosters and printing on 100% Cotton or over a NPT low bleed underlay when printing on poly/cotton blends.


  • Short body and very low wet tack for easy printing with no build-up.
  • Fast shearing action means higher press speeds.
  • Easy to use, helps maintain printable viscosity when mixed with C3 Color Boosters.
  • Can be mixed at up to 50% C3 Color Boosters to match thousands of colors.
  • Mixed colors will print with a satin finish.

Technical Data SheetMSDS Sheet

Mix EH0542 NPT HO Base with C3 Color Boosters and print directly onto substrates. EH0542 is normally printed through mesh ranges from 86—280 mc in. (34—110 mc. CM.) Recommend 70-80 Durometer squeegee with sharp edge for maximum definition. Proper cure is achieved when garment reaches 320ºF (160° C.).

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