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Murakami 901 Blockout Fluid - Pint
Murakami 901 Blockout

Murakami 901 Blockout Fluid - Pint

Murakami 901 Blockout Fluid - Pint

Item Number: MUR-901-P

In Stock
901 Blockout Fluid - Pint

Murakami 901 Blockout Fluid - Pint

Murakami BL-901 Red Blockout is a medium viscosity, water soluble red blockout. BL-901 is designed to fill the open areas of the screen that are not covered by emulsion or film. BL-901 can be used for masking other designs on the screen until they are ready to be printed. BL-901 is excellent for touching up pin holes and fish eyes

Technical Data Sheet

Step 1:
The screen must be dry and free of contaminants. Spread BL-901 evenly with a plastic squeegee on the print side of the screen over the areas to be filled. Remove excess BL-901 from the squeegee side.

Step 2:
Touch up all defects, including heavy blobs that tend to gather outside of the filled area. Allow BL-901 to completely dry.

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