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 On Going Impact of Covid on Global Supply Chain


This last year has challenged each of our companies to be creative in reacting and adapting to the changing landscape of our Global Supply Chains.  In an unprecedented manner, we’ve encountered buying restrictions, multiple price increases and longer lead times.  

During this time, Dynamic is actively finding solutions to strengthen our operations and our resilience. While we are used to price increases in goods happening every 1-3 years. We’re now seeing multiple increases in a shorter span of time from our manufacturers.   Manufacturers are experiencing raw material shortages, increased cost of freight, as well as raw material cost increases.  These costs are rising often, and they are forced to increase prices more often than we’ve ever seen before.

We will strive to keep you updated on any price changes. We’ll use email and our website blog post to keep you updated on price changes on the products we sell.  Below is a list of recent and upcoming price increases by Date and Vendor.

Update 12-5-2022

Update 10.07.2022

Update 8.1.22

Update 6.1.22

Update 4.12.22

Update 2.17.22

Update 2.8.22

Update 1.01.22

UPDATE 10.06.21

UPDATED 8.2.21


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