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Rapid Wave Flash Cure Unit
Rapid Wave Flash Cure Unit

Rapid Wave Flash Cure Unit

Rapid Wave Flash Cure Unit


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Rapid Wave Flash Cure Unit
Price Starting at $4,400.00

The Rapid Wave Flash is the curing unit of choice for high-volume shops. The Rapid Wave features ultra-fast medium wave quartz lamps with variable lamp intensity control. Quartz flashes use state-of-the-art quartz tubes for rapid flash curing and are the next step up from using an infrared flash dryer. Quartz flashes heat quickly and shut down between cures to save electricity and reduce heat in the shop. Units are available with temperature sensors, allowing you to program the flash to achieve a set temperature via your Anatol automatic press’s touchscreen. The Rapid Wave Flash has three zones that can be activated independently or in combination: front, center, and back. The Rapid Wave Flash Cure is available in five models, from the standard (16” x 16”) flash areas up to over-sized (30” x 40”) flash areas.


  • For head-mount, integrates with touchscreen interface on Anatol automatic presses
  • Variable lamp intensity controls to fine-tune heat setting
  • Set how many bulb zones (1-3) flash at once
Heating System
  • Quartz tube bulbs heat and cool quickly
  • Bulbs arranged horizontally in zones to fit more bulbs than comparable flash units, with more control
  • Can be mounted on height-adjustable floor stand or a head of an Anatol automatic press
  • Heavy-duty steel construction
  • Steel flash cure stand
  • Sensor to trigger stand-mounted flash unit with the rotation of the pallets to use with manual presses
  • Foot pedal to manually activate a stand-mounted Rapid Wave Flash to work with manual presses
  • Timer to control how long unit will stay on once activated
Model #SizeSingle Phase
Electrical Requirements
Three Phase
Electrical Requirements
RWQF-161616_ x 16_
41cm x 41cm
RWQF-161816_ x 18_
41cm x 46cm
RWQF-202120_ x 21_
51cm x 54cm
RWQF-202820_ x 28_
51cm x 71cm
Not Available in Single Phase63 AMPS
RWQF-304030_ x 40_
71cm x 102cm
Not Available in Single Phase98 AMPS

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