The Importance of Tradeshows

There is no doubt that technology has completely turned our industry on its ear over the past decade. From the way we create art to the way we buy our supplies to the way we update our presses, computers are without a doubt the most important tools in our shops. Some would say that we have lost something because of the dehumanization of the screen printing process. Others would contend that the process is better than ever and that we are experiencing a sort of screen printing renaissance. However you feel about technology, one thing for sure is that you have realized just how important it is to your business.

The Importance of Tradeshows

So how does this apply to trade shows? Well, if you’re anything like me, you sit at your computer and just about the time you get a second to look at the clock, it is time to go home. Even with so much information at our fingertips we are often so distracted by our daily tasks that we are unable to find time to learn about what is new and relevant in our industry. And if we do sneak a moment to look at a new technology or research a supplier our findings are quickly buried under a pile of to-do notes.

Trade shows give us the opportunity to unplug and surround ourselves with peers in an environment that not only allows us to learn but actually encourages it. Yes, you might score a good price on a piece of equipment but the greater value of a trade show is the knowledge that you can collect absolutely free. Yes you will have to be away from your shop and yes you will have to deal with an annoying sales person or two. But I can almost guarantee you that if you take the time and pick the right show the investment you make will yield great returns.

Check out THIS VIDEO and see why trade shows are so valuable.

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