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Thermoline Clear ES 0026 - Gallon
Thermoline Clear ES 0026 - Gallon

Thermoline Clear ES 0026 - Gallon

Thermoline Clear ES 0026 - Gallon

Item Number: RUT-ES0026-01

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ES0026 NPT ThermoLine Clear is a non-phthalate plastisol used for adhesive type applications and as a clear base for Metallic powders and flakes.

Technical Data SheetMSDS Sheet

C3 Color Boosters may be added to the NPT ThermoLine Clear for custom colors at a maximum of 30% by weight. The thicker the ink film deposit, the less pigment needed to maintain color intensity.

As a Flock Adhesive:
ES0026 is also used as an adhesive for applying flock to textile fabric. We suggest adding up to 5% NPT Fiberbond for maximum adhesion to flock fibers and print through 200- micron stencil for this applicationNote: The mixture with FiberBond will have maximum 8 hours shelf life.

Creating a thick stencil:
Creating a thick stencil (200 micron) will offer maximum ink deposit. The thickness of the stencil will determine the thickness of the ink deposit. Thicker stencils will require an increase in exposure time. Contact emulsion supplier for more detail information.

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