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Waterproof Inkjet Film - 8.5x11 - 100pk -5 mil
Waterproof Inkjet Film

Waterproof Inkjet Film - 8.5x11 - 100pk -5 mil

Waterproof Inkjet Film - 8.5x11 - 100pk -5 mil

Item Number: GEN-WPF-8.5X11

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Waterproof Inkjet Film - 8.5X11 - 100Pk -5 Mil

These Waterproof 5 millimeter Clear Films manufactured of a very unique fast drying formulation that works with both Pigment and Dye based inks used in most inkjet printers. This formulation allows for minimal dot gain, dry on contact, and max density technology. Widely used with newer inkjet printers and high volume production printers in both screen print and offset pre-press rooms to generate film positives or negatives.

What side of the film do I print on?
Waterproof film has two sides, the carrier sheet side and the inkjet receptive side. You can tell which side is the inkjet receptive side by the getting your finger slightly wet, the side your finger sticks to is the side you need to print on.

For the Best Results:

  • Use an Epson or other inkjet printer.
  • In your Printing Properties, set your image setting to "Best Quality Photo" or "Best Image"
  • Paper setting should be at "Premium Glossy Photo Paper" ( or similar) which will indicate that you want the printer to lay down the maximum amount of ink.

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