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Did You Know?

Random, yet, helpful tips and ticks in the screen printing industry.

Cool Ways To Use Plastisol

Icon Team Member   |   5/29/2014

Did you know that plastisol ink can be printed on more than just t-shirts? It’s true, you really can use your trusty tried and true ink to print wood posters and all kinds of other natural substrates.

Inkjet Printer Ink

Icon Team Member   |   3/10/2014
Ink for your film output printer is one of the most important products you will purchase as a screen printer.

Eco-Friendly Screen Printing Ink

Icon Team Member   |   3/10/2014
Water based ink may not be as eco-friendly as you think.

The Right Garment for Discharge Printing

Icon Team Member   |   3/10/2014
Not all 100% cotton garments are right for use with discharge ink.

Reduce Dye Migration - Run Polyester Garments Through Dryer

Icon Team Member   |   3/10/2014

Running your garments through your dryer prior to printing them may result in a better print.

The Issue With Ink Coverage—or Not

Icon Team Member   |   3/7/2014
Many of the issues that printers have with ink coverage have little to do with their ink.