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How To Screen Print

Learning how to screen print doesn't have to be intimidating; our "How To Screen Print" posts will always be easy to understand.

Avient Specialty Ink - Glitter, Shimmer, and Metallic

Dynamic Team Member   |   3/11/2022
Specialty inks can take a flat design and raise it to a whole new level. In this video Ray Smith of Avient Specialty Inks reviews printing parameter's, tips and tricks to using their glitter, shimmer, and metallic inks.

All About Emulsion

Icon Team Member   |   9/4/2014
All About Emulsion

Like most screen printers you may have found that you are always in search of the perfect liquid emulsion. There are so many different brands, colors and exposure speeds to choose from that most printers just stick with what they know rather than what is best for their shop.

Job Preparation and Printing

Icon Team Member   |   7/17/2014

Nothing will frustrate and cost a printer during production quite like lack of preparation. Print production is an art that requires a rhythm and flow so that the printer can be both efficient and accurate. Production is where profit is made or lost and most often it is preparation that dictates which a printer will experience.

Screen Exposure

Icon Team Member   |   5/23/2014
Raster VS Vector

A coated screen is exposed anytime that UV light is introduced to the environment in which the screen is exists. Exposure units are designed to enhance and control UV light waves so that the screen is burned quickly and accurately. Although it is possible to expose a screen using any source of UV light, it is strongly recommended that printers use some sort of professional exposure equipment in order to ensure a clean and accurate stencil.

Setting Up The Dark Room

Icon Team Member   |   5/1/2014

When most people hear the word darkroom, they immediately imagine a small dank space void of all light. Fortunately, the darkroom needed for screen printing is not this at all and can in fact be the same space you print in if proper care is taken.

Image Types - Raster VS Vector

Icon Team Member   |   4/24/2014
Raster VS Vector

Raster and Vector images are very different. Both have their uses but when screen printing, more times than not, you will want to use a vector image. In this post, we will explore what the differences are between Rasters and Vectors.

Screen Preparation

Icon Team Member   |   4/10/2014

During the job evaluation phase you should have identified the screen or screens that will work best for your job. Before you begin preparing your screen...

Screen Printing Ink Types

Icon Team Member   |   4/2/2014

Screen printers utilize a multitude of different ink over the course of their career, most are likely to use just two or three for printing on garments.

Emulsion & Capillary Film

Icon Team Member   |   3/20/2014
Once your screen has been degreased and dried you will be ready to coat it with emulsion. There are two types of emulsion, liquid emulsion and capillary film.