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Avient Specialty Ink - Glitter, Shimmer, and Metallic

Dynamic Team Member   |   3/11/2022
Specialty inks can take a flat design and raise it to a whole new level. In this video Ray Smith of Avient Specialty Inks reviews printing parameter's, tips and tricks to using their glitter, shimmer, and metallic inks.

Capillary Film

Dynamic Team Member   |   3/18/2015

Ulano EZ Film allows you to go from 0 to press in a fraction of the time needed with liquid emulsion. This easy to use and cost effective product promises to revolutionize your darkroom.

Bigger, Faster, Stronger

Dynamic Team Member   |   1/15/2015
Dynamic and Icon are coming together to create a bigger and stronger screen printing supply company that you can count on.